3 tips on how to deepen the hair color

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Haistyle

Many of us are satisfied with our natural hair color, but due to many different factors their color fades and loses its luster. However, it appears that the deepening of the hair color does not require dyeing, but a few simple household methods.


The blond hair is perfect for a Marigold rinse. Not only does it lighten and brighten up your hair, but also makes them nourished and soft. You will need two tablespoons of marigold flowers, 1 teaspoon of orange peel and 1 teaspoon of common lilac. Pour ingredients into a liter of boiling water and boik it for about half an hour. Apply a cooled down prodcut on your hair. Rinse after 10-15 minutes.


Walnut and oak bark are proven ways to deepen the color of dark hair. Another solution is the nettle, which will further strengthen hair and give them luster. We can buy shampoo with any of these ingredients in a drugstore, or make a mask. Put a handful of shelled walnuts into half a liter of water. Boil for half an hour and drain off. After cooling the mixture is applied on clean and dry hair. Do not rinse the mask, but dry your hair.


To bring out the fiery shade of red hair, you will need marigold flowers or rhubarb. Boil 50 mg of the brew in 0.75 liters of water on low heat for about 20 minutes. After cooling, the mixture is ready to impose on the hair. In the same way we can prepare the mask from an onion. Is also a good way to wash hair with carrot juice or sugar.

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