3 tips on how to choose your perfect clothes

Posted: October 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Everyone wants to look in their clothes as if they had been made to measure. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy clothes at the tailor’s. However, there are some simple ways to choose clothes that fit you perfectly. How to choose clothes to fit you perfectly? Get to know some principles which should be followed.

Underwear is essential

Do you want to look good in all clothes? Before you move and explore the boutiques, first visit a lingerie store. Think about what you want to emphasize, and what to hide in your figure and choose underwear that will help you with this – slimming pants with a belt which visually “reduces” your belly? Or pants that make your bum look smaller and more shapely? Do you want to look good in a dress? Invest in a slip! Choose a suitable bra. Remember that even if you have small breasts, with an appropriate bra they may look a lot bigger!

Clothes and your figure

How you look in your clothes, depends largely on your type of figure. Choose only those styles that hide flaws and accentuate the best in your figure. Do you have wide hips? Wear skirts in the shape of a letter A, and avoid pencil-shaped ones. If you are corpulent you should not wear clothes matched to the body. Do you have a boyish figure? Choose clothing with feminine details – ruffle, drapery, lace. Determine what you like in your body, and what you would not like to show the world and follow it when choosing clothes.


How to choose clothes that fit you perfectly? Buy only the right size! Forget about buying too small or too large clothing (unless you like oversize style clothes), because you really fancy that last piece on the rack. Never buy anything without trying it on first in the dressing room.

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