3 tips on how to choose modeling lingerie

Posted: October 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Unfortunately, hardly any of us can boast about a perfect figure. And even those that can, usually complain because of some parts of their body that they would like to improve. For those kind of people a wonderful invention has been created – corrective underwear, which allows you to hide any flaw and look great in any outfit. How to choose modeling underwear? Here are a few hints.

Thighs and buttocks

Do you think that your bum is unattractive – you have sagging or flat and not very feminine buttocks? The ideal way out of this situation are push – up Panties. With a special silicone inserts they provide your buttocks with a perfect shape and size. Inserts are available in many sizes, so you will certainly find the right model for you. Such pants will look great with any skirt, dress or pants. Another great solution are higher pants, which model the shape of the buttocks with special insertions and seams. Your thighs are too bulky? Special panties with a strong but breathable fabric that wrap tightly your thighs are a perfect solution for you.


How to choose the modeling underwear when you have a protruding belly? The simplest solution will be panties with a special stiff insert in front. The material does not extend so it’s great for supporting and flattening the belly. So if you cannot get rid of the troublesome fold on your belly, and you care about the perfect look, your choice should fall on panties flattening the stomach.


Do you dream about being wasp-waisted? You can wear a corset or … whatever you want, thanks to special pants that work on a similar principle as the corset. They are made of a very durable, yet flexible fabric that not only brings out the magic of your waist, these panties will also take care of the protruding belly and unnecessary centimeters around the hips.

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