3 tips how to wear the gold colour

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

If you’re looking for a really luxurious look and want to shine like a star, put on gold. Golden clothes and accessories come back into fashion recently, so try to find out how to wear the gold colour in order to avoid the fashion boob.

For the party

Do you want to shine at the party? Put a gold dress on! But be careful, because it’s easy on trashy look here. Don’t even think about the dress in a shade of yellow gold with a corset and a spreading skirt. Bet on the simplicity and femininity. The cut of the dress should be modest, classic and the shade of gold should be subdued. Remember that the gold dress should be the last element in this colour in your stylization. To this dress, put on the stilettos in some firm, or for the security in fleshy colour, choose an clutch bag and earrings from crystals and elegant stylization is ready!


Gold colour every day? Why not! Stars can shine only at night, and you can shine always, whenever you want. How to wear a gold colour in daily version? First of all, in moderation. Jeans and a golden top under a jacket or cardigan, golden shorts in combination with a simple T-shirt, or maybe will you bet on the accessories – gold shoes or earrings? The choice is yours!

On the beach

Golden colour goes perfectly with a summer tan. So maybe will you be tempted for the swimsuit in the sun colour?

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