3 tips how to wear country style in the city

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The country style, after all, is suitable not only for cowboys and for the trips in the open nature. Clothes and accessories in western style, you can also successfully wear in the office! How to wear country style in the city? Here are some tips.


Checked blouse is a garment, which probably is the most associated with the country style. In order to slightly overcome its severe, masculine style, we propose to combine it with a white, female top with the neckline, ruffles or laces. The fashionably “worn”, a simple jeans and leather ankle boots with studs to it, and in summer versions – the same jeans, but with cut trousers legs.

On the date

The cowboy style in romantic version? Why not! Put on a white, airy cotton dress in meadow and short, denim jacket, high heels and a necklace made of leather thongs to it.

To work

You already know how to wear every day country style in the city, and how to smuggle a little bit of the Wild West to the office? It’s easy! Put on a classic, white blouse, flared skirt with high waist and leather cowboy boots, and if the dress code will not allow for it, the court shoes and a leather handbag with fringes.

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