3 tips how to wear animal pattern

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Animal patterns, such as patches, stripes or already immortal spots, domesticated in the fashion world for good. However, the animal patterns are quite difficult subjects and it’s not always know with which to combine them in order to avoid the fashion boob. We advise you how to tame wild, animal patterns.


Panther, leopards and pythons do n’t like to fight for a place with bold colour. Admit that the combination of intense pink with spotted fabric brings to mind rather trashy image. It‘s true, that these outfits might look interesting and impressive, but it’s a task rather for the brave and experienced fashionable women. Therefore, the safest way is to combine animal prints with neutral colours – black, white, beige, ecru, or khaki. The colours of safari match almost perfectly in this case.


Remember that every pattern in some way affects the appearance of your silhouette. Small spots look good actually on any figure, but the cow patches are already reserved for the most slim women, as well as horizontal stripes.


There is no need to dress up in animal patterns from head to toe. You can smuggle into your stylization a little bit of wild climate in the form of accessories – handbags, shoes and even jewellery.

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