3 tips how to stretch too small jeans

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

It happened – you found the perfect pair of jeans! In the dressing room, cruel disappointment was waiting for you- the trousers are too small for you, and it is of course the last pair. You swear to yourself to lose weight and you take the jeans home. However, before you begin to torture yourself with diets and trainings, get to know our ways on how to stretch too small jeans.

Just … wear it!

Jeans have got this feature, that after some time, they will stretch itself. However, in order to make it happen, jeans must be often worn. If you want your trousers increase their size, you have to wear them as often as possible. Unfortunately this method is long-lasting and certainly at the beginning, wearing too tight trousers is not the most comfortable.


Wet jeans will become much more flexible. However, they make a little trouble with putting them. So it will be simpler to first put the trousers on, and then moisten it with water. Walk in wet jeans around the house for several days, and you’ll finally notice the difference.


Do you want to know how to stretch too small jeans and how to take care of your figure at the same time? Put the trouser on and exercise in them! Sudden movements make the material will quickly stretch.

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