3 tips for people with sensitive stomach

Posted: February 12th, 2013 | Author: | Health Care

An unhealthy diet, stress, rush, passive lifestyle, and many other thinks affect the condition of the stomach. If your have a problem with sensitive stomach, you need to learn how to deal with it.


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The best medicine for your stomach is right diet

First steps is eliminate products that affect the excess acid secretion. These include cabbage, beans, peas and mushrooms. Watch out also for spices, which can irritate your stomach. These include chilli and garlic. Herbs that help digest foods are thyme, rosemary, marjoram, basil, oregano. Abstain from frying foods, particularly animal fats. It’s best to prepare meals steamed, stewed, or baked in foil.

Heat – cold

People who complain about sensitive stomach should not eat neither too hot nor too cold dishes. However, it is recommended to sip warm, but not hot drinks, the best herbal teas.

Consuming way

Also important is the way you eat meals. Portions should be as small as possible, but eat with regular frequency. We should also get into the habit of eating slowly, chewing each bite accurate. It is best, if possible, eat at regular times, making sure that there was a last meal no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

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