3 steps to the Marilyn Monroe style

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Marilyn Monroe was a true icon of femininity in ’50s and she still is. Her unique style is still copied by millions of women around the world. If you want to look like a sex bomb of all time, here are simple steps to the Marilyn Monroe style.

Style of getting dressed

First of all, mega women’s – sexy, flared dress with clearly marked waist, bare backs and low neckline in V-shaped. Pencil and pleated skirts and girlish, tight-fitting sweaters. If it comes to colours, Marilyn preferred mainly subdued, pastel colours, i.e. what is currently the most fashionable. Apart from them, the star loved also white, beige, red and black. Feminine details and patterns, which are immediately associated with the style of the ‘50s – Such as polka dots, and bows. Remember that the women’s clothing is not everything – the key to perfect look is perfectly matched underwear. Nowadays, we have that about which Marilyn could only dream – slimming underwear! So use it in order to highlight all of your strengths and hide weaknesses. Don’t forget the high heels.


The next step to the style of Marilyn Monroe is the proper makeup. For sure, the characteristic red lips of the star immediately enter your mind. Marilyn loved red lipstick in many shades – from the rapacious, bloody to the delicate- coral. So you’ll find the proper colour for yourself. The outlining of your eyes is also very important. The famous “cat eyes” the star obtained by emphasizing the eyes with a soft, thick, black line. The carefully made up eyelashes, perfectly eyebrows plucking and timeless make-up in style of Marilyn Monroe is ready! You can also be tempted to make with a soft eye pencil the trademark of a famous star – beauty spot on the cheek.


You don’t need to have got the storm blond hair to look like Marilyn. Just make haircut in her style. After all, characteristic, soft curls are not difficult to made. Just use a thick curling or rollers. Here’s haircut in the style of Marilyn in a few simple steps: Rub into the damp hair styling foam. Then dry the hair thoroughly, keeping the head bended down. Put the rollers on the hair, so they should be placed close to each other. After removing the rollers, stylize the resulting curls in the way they should surround your face. Rub into hair styling wax, spray the hairstyle with strong hair spray.

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