3 Steps to make trendy ombre jeans

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

We present a super simple way for a new life for your old trousers – trendy ombre jeans! What for do you have to spend a fortune in store for machinery bleached trousers, if you can successfully make it on your own! Follow these tips and you will be proud owner of the fashionable jeans.


To make ombre jeans you’ll need: a pair of old, already not used jeans, preferably skinny jeans (think well over the choice, the effect of bleaching will be permanent), liquid bleach, sprayer and old newspapers.


Lay on the floor a thick layer of old newspapers and lay the chosen jeans out on them. Now begin to spray them with bleach. A place which will be bleached depends only on you – it can be both from top and from bottom. Thanks to sprayer you will get nice tones transitions.


After spraying with the bleach the both sides of jeans, hang out them in the sun to dry. Fashionable ombre jeans are ready! They present well in conjunction with inserted white top in the trousers or shirt.

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