3 Steps of highlighting cheekbones with makeup

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

If mother nature did not give you distinct cheekbones, you do not need to go on a backbreaking diet to change that. Emphasizing the cheekbones with makeup is much faster and easier.

3 Steps of highlighting cheekbones with makeup

Foundation and concealer

The first step is to impose the foundation on the face. It suppresses all flaws accurately, and evens the skin tone. Now take a concealer in a shade lighter than the used foundation and distribute it between the eye and cheek bone. Pat it so that you cannot see the borders between the foundation and the concealer.


Use blushers in a cream, in the shade that matches your type of beauty. Apply it on the most prominent parts of the cheekbone, but remember to do it in moderation.

Dark foundation

To achieve the goal of highlighting the cheekbones with makeup, dark bronzing foundation or concealer is very helpful. Apply a small amount of this foundation on the fingers. Use the middle finger to search for cheekbones and make a mark with the forefinger. Smear the mark on the line diagonally from ear to jaw.

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