3 solutions for romantic, rebellious outfits

Posted: September 30th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Dresses and skirts with various lengths are willingly used by girls and attractive woman in their stylizations. An important element in a good matching of clothes is appropriate combination of patterns.

The color compositions

Poorly matched color with the figure and the beauty can make the person will look uninteresting. In this season, fashionable are a charcoal, brown, cream, beige, navy colors. The black color can be combined almost with any other color, keeping in mind that the most elegant look clothes in one color, two colors, or a combination of three colors.


The dresses of various lengths, the skirts, blouses, match very well different denim, leather, corduroy vests.

Short skirts and tops

This combination is perfect for warm, spring and summer days. Nice sandals or flip flops might be a good addition.

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