3 solutions for order in the closet

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

In every closet, once a while, you need to make a thorough order, otherwise we can meet difficulties in finding your favourite blouse. Besides, it is nice to look at the exactly well-organized clothes and not at agitated chaos. Here are the best solution for order in the closet.


Throw the entire contents of the closet on the floor. Look carefully through all the clothes, you can invite a friend to help. To the separate carton throw clothes, which you are not going to put on anymore for sure. There should be all clothes which can’t be saved (maybe some of them can be somehow altered). Don’t pity on them, don’t leave anything because of the sentiment, or until ” I lose weight.” Think how many times you needed the place in the closet for new clothes –in this way, you will quickly save up it. If you are not sure of a future of some of the clothes, or maybe you would like to alter them somehow, put them into a separate box. Leave only those things, which you wear and which you would like to put back into your closet.


Now, with your friend, look through the clothes, which stayed on the floor. Consider whether you still wear them, whether they are appropriate for your figure, and maybe this cut is out of fashion from long time with no hope for its return? Perhaps a few more clothes you will need to put in one of the boxes.


You already determined, which clothes you keep. In a moment, you will have a perfect order in the closet. You only need to properly neaten the clothes. You can try to neaten them for colours. It is also good to separate the winter clothes from summer clothes, it will much facilitate you the future search.

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