3 solutions for beautiful toenails

Posted: August 22nd, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

We usually don’t pay attention on the toenails until the summer, when it comes the time to wear outdoor shoes. However, we shouldn’t neglect them, they are as important as the hand nails and they deserve for proper care, in order to gain an attractive appearance. For this purpose, it is worth to know solutions for beautiful toenails.


Under this term does not hide anything else, as foot care. This simple but time-consuming procedure will help us to keep the beautiful appearance of the feet and their nails. First, we soak the feet in water with addition of softening salt, for about ten minutes. A good idea is to make the peeling. Then, we exfoliate the callous epidermis with pumice, with particular emphasis on the heels. Now we remove the redundant skin from around the nails, applying a special preparation softener the epidermis. After that, we cut the nails straight and we shouldn’t round the sides, otherwise the nails may grow in. We shape the nails with nail file, but be careful not to file off the ends. Then, we smoothing the surface of the nail polisher.


After appropriate feet preparation , the another solutions for beautiful toenails are favorite nail polishes. We can decide on one color, or do the so-called french, which requires some practice, but the effects are spectacular. Especially, if we apply innovative combinations of nail polishes, instead of the traditional white and pink. Putting sponge or special sponge divider between toes will facilitate nails painting .


For the lazy people remains a visit at the beautician, who does not only perform pedicures, but also can apply a gel or acrylic nail tips that will save our time at painting. They are very comfortable and provide perfect nails looking for a long time.

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