3 quick solutions for the hands care

Posted: August 11th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The skin on the hands is aging much faster than the rest of the body, so the proper hands care is very important. Then they a lot longer remain young and attractive appearance. But the everyday life shows that there is not always time to devote to hand as much time as they deserve on. So it is worth to know quick ways to get beautiful and well-kept hands skin.

Potato flour mask

This mask can equally well replace a bit more labor- intensive paraffin baths. Just prepare a thick starch from potato flour, and when it is still warm we apply on the hands a thick layer of it . After 20 minutes, we wash the mask off and after this time we can see that our hands are clearly smoother and softer.

Treatment for the night

This method maybe isn’t fast, because it lasts all night, but it takes us only the time needed for sleep. Just before going to bed, apply on the hands the thick layer of nourishing cream and pull thin cotton gloves on. Wake up with perfectly moisturizing and smoothed palms.


The proper hand care is also appropriate exercises. They do not only improve the skin’s appearance, but also prevent the various degenerations. These exercises we can make in any spare time, both at home and at work. If you want to slim down the fingers, just claps the hands behind the chair and turn them with their iterant part to the exterior. We must try to bend the plaited fingers the most we can , tensing hands towards the back. Another way is to hold your hand over the table, tight fisted in the fist, and then you should firmly press every finger individually to the table top. The rest of fingers should always be in starting position.

We can improve the suppleness and flexibility of the fingers, thanks to a simple exercise with a rubber ball. To do this, take a ball and squeeze it tight with all fingers, tensing and relaxing the muscles. Another variant of this exercise is to repeat this exercise, pressing the ball one by one with tip of every finger.

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