3 pieces of advice how to wear patterned clothes

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

In this summer the patterns will be one of the hottest trends. All kinds of motives, floral, geometric, or futuristic, absorb attention and add the character for entire stylization. So it is worth already now get to know how to wear patterned clothes in order to not make the fashion boob.

Shape the figure

One, very important thing, which you should know about patterns – they visually add the pounds! (Of course, if they are not vertical stripes) It is known , all patterns aren’t the same, but you’d better not wear patterns in these parts of your body, which you’d prefer to hide. However those, which you would like to expose and optically zoom, you can safely cover with pattern. If you have, for example, slim upper body and wide hips, you can balance the figure, putting on a patterned blouse and plain trouser or skirt.

Keep the moderation

The mixing of patterns is a task rather for the boldest and most experienced fashionable women. It is the safest to bet on one patterned piece of clothing or accessory. We don’t discourage you, absolutely, to combine the patterns. However, before you pick up the practice in it and orientate, what matches together and what doesn’t, the best start from small steps – patterned dress and plain accessories, leopard blouse and uniform trousers.

Pay attention to colour

Putting on the patterned clothes, always pay attention to which colour dominates in the pattern and adjust the rest of the outfit and accessories in this way to make the colours interacts. If the pattern is very colourful and intricate, bet on subdued colours for the rest of the stylization.

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