3 pieces of advice how to wear clothes made of satin

Posted: October 4th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Satin is a material, which brings into mind a long, evening dresses, but it’s also equally willingly worn in daily version. The clothes made from satin beautifully emphasize the female silhouette, but they can unfortunately also highlight possible weaknesses of the figure. Get to know how to avoid it and how to wear satin in order to look feminine and sexy.

Satin- classically

Satin dresses entered into the canon of elegant, evening fashion. It’s not surprise, even the simplest dress, made of the satin, looks very chic. The same is with classic shirts and trousers. However, in this case, you should remember, to decide on one element of clothing made from this material – if you put the satin blouse on, a bottom should be matte. You should also bet on the classics when it comes to coats – the satin looks great with a classic trench coat or jacket.

Satin and body type

Unfortunately, the well-fitting clothes made of satin, painlessly emphasize every little fold of the fat, therefore such outfits can be worn only by ladies with model figure. However, it doesn’t mean that a full, feminine shapes in satin look unfavourably. But you need to choose an appropriate cut in order to emphasize this femininity in nicely way. Allies of the ladies with full figure are loose, straight cuts, tight- fitted only those body parts, which are worth emphasizing. The corrective underwear can also be very helpful.

Other fabrics

The clothes made of satin look better in the company than alone. Every day it’s worth to combine the satin with jeans, thanks to it, we obtain an elegant as well as casual stylization. The delicate satin takes a bit more rapacious, rock character in combination with the leather jacket. It is good to experiment a little bit and see how the satin will “get along” with the clothes from your closet, made of different materials. Generally, it is the best to choose only one part of clothing, made of the shiny fabric.

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