3 pieces of advice how to wear a red dress

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The red dress is synonymous of sex appeal and femininity. Similarly how the little black dress, it never goes out of fashion, so you can boldly wear it on various occasions. Check out, how to wear a red dress in order to look like a real lady in red


First of all, you have to choose the right shade of dress to your type of beauty. Beauty types, as well as the seasons, are four. For Winters, i.e. the dark-haired lady with porcelain skin perfectly fits bloody, saturated red. However, gentle Mrs. Spring with a warm shade of skin and hair will look great in equally warm shades of red. It’s worth considering the really fashionable coral colour. Mrs. Summer is, after all, cool type of beauty, so the cool, cherry tones will be great for her. Mrs. Autumn is the most often green-eyed and redhead. The perfect shade of red for her is the orange colours orange – rusty or clay.


Remember that red dress attracts attention sufficiently, so it doesn’t need numerous accessories, it also doesn’t have to be super short. Bet on the simple, classic cut, regardless of the occasion. You can wear to work dress with short sleeves, gently flared, the thin belt in the waist, jacket and high heels to it. Going on the ceremonial reception you can think of a long creation, sewn from delicate silk or satin. To this outfit you can choose the glittering accessories – for example, gold high-heeled sandals and golden clutch. The red dress, you can also safely dress up for a weekend trip out of town. A simple, short dress sets with the cardigan and with ballet pumps. If it is cold, you can wear to this set the leggings or jeans.


With which colours combined red dress? The safest thing would be to combine red with black – thanks to it you get both elegant and more grasping rock stylization. However, this combination of colours is gradually landing on the scrap heap. Since you already have a courage to put a red dress on, experiment also with other colours! Reliable is a combination of nude beige – footwear and accessories in this shade, fit virtually any colour, so you can freely wear red with the nude shade for any occasion. Red in evening version feels wonderful in the company of silver and gold accessories. Try also to be inspired by the colours of a particular seasons. In summer, bet on cobalt and yellow colours.

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