3 pieces of advice how to wear a mini skirt

Posted: October 4th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The mini skirt like nothing else can expose women’s legs. However, you have to know how to wear this part of clothing in order to not look vulgar or trashy. So we advise you how to wear a mini skirt with taste and in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

Several layers

Not a very good idea is to combine ultra-short skirts with revealing or too much ornate top. Miniskirt will look better with a simple, feminine shirt. You can also throw on cardigan, vest, coat or jacket on top. Try to cover arms, then the stylization becomes more elegant. Balance the outfit, keeping the principle – if the top is tight, the bottom should be loose, and vice versa.


Properly chosen footwear is also important. Avoid high boots, and sky-high stilettos. Generally, the shoes upper shouldn’t reach higher than to the calf. So just ideal will be ankle boots, preferably with an interesting cut, which will attract attention to your feet. If you do not like stilettos, you can put on, for example, ballet pumps or flat sandals. However, it’s high-heeled in conjunction with the miniskirt, which make legs look so shapely and feminine.


A properly matched cut is the key to the knowledge of how to wear a mini skirt. The cut has to be perfectly fitted to your figure. If you have massive thighs, you’d better resign from this type of clothing. Unfortunately, the mini skirt painlessly reveals all weaknesses, so it’s generally reserved for the ladies with slim, shapely legs. However, if you love mini skirts and you have a little bit fuller hips, decide on loose, trapeze cut. In this season, fashionable are loose, several layers skirts. It is better to not decide on a too short and too tight fitting cuts, which are not only impractical, but they also look quite vulgar.

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