3 pieces of advice how to wear a maxi dress

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Who said that only mini dresses can be feminine and sexy? In this season, bet on the fashionable ankle-length dresses, and you’ll surely love it. The maxi dress can be both elegant, girlish, airy, in boho or hippie style. How to wear a maxi dress? Follow our tips!

For who is the maxi length?

It would seem that in the long dresses look well only very tall and very thin women, but it’s not true. Even a short person can wear a dress, which is ground-length and looks great. Just put very high-heels, and in this way the dress will not only prevent the optically figure shortening, but it even extend it! If it comes to slim figure, it is clearly necessary for tight-fitting dresses. However, there is also solution for women with wide hips or protruding belly – just wear a dress, which is cut off under the breast, which is expanding and freely flowing downwards. So don’t think, if the maxi dress fits your body shape, just start looking in the store for an appropriate cut for you.

With which to wear the maxi dress?

Let’s start from the bottom, which the footwear is. If you’re not tall, you should wear high shoes. With the maxi dress, especially with the airy, floral one, the super trendy wedges compose well. You can also wear stilettos, high- heels, or platforms. How to wear a maxi dress if you’re tall? You can put on flat shoes – the best look “gladiators”, sandals, ballet pumps and flip-flops. If it comes to outerwear, with the ground-length , the short denim jacket, soft cardigan or jacket match well. Accessories, depending on the dress cut can be various – straw hat, long necklace, bracelet. Remember, if the dress is patterned or adorned with some applications, then you should minimize the amount of accessories. However, if your maxi dress is simple and uniform, you can go crazy with an interesting detail.

Where to wear a maxi dress?

Everywhere! So far, we associated the long dresses exclusively with weddings, sumptuous banquets and receptions, and now there are so many cuts, patterns and colours that they will be suitable both on a date, shopping, weekend trip out of town or on the beach. So if you want to feel fashionable and feminine in this summer, you should absolutely buy the long maxi dress!

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