3 pieces of advice how to select makeup to glasses

Posted: October 11th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Are you wearing glasses? Did you know, that making-up eyes appropriately can cause that you will look still nice in glasses? However, badly matched make-up to glasses will cause that we will be looking just ridiculous. It is worthwhile getting to know a few ways to select the proper make-up.


If you are a long-sighted person and you are wearing pluses, you must concentrate to optically reduce your eyes, because such lenses enlarge them. It’s necessary to choose dark colours, for example shades of grays, of grenade, bronze, purple. A good solution is to outline the inside of eyelids with the dark eyeliner. Apply mascara on your eyelashes gently, in order to not “open” the eye too much. Apart from that your glasses will highlight every unnecessary lump of mascara, so it’ll be better you’re eyelashes look as natural as possible. Maybe would it be better to generally resign from mascara and dye eyelashes with henna? Avoid bright, pastel and shimmering colours.


If you are myopic, your make-up to glasses should optically enlarge eyes. It’s worthwhile using intense, bright, glistening, metallic eyeshadows. Outline the inner part of the lower eyelid with light, preferably white crayon. Curl the eyelashes with eyelash curler and cover them up firmly with mascara. It’s also good to outline the eye with eyeliner, right by the line of eyelashes. It’s better to avoid dark, muffled colours. Outlining eyelids inside with the black crayon is also a bad idea. It’s generally better to avoid all these ways, which for people wearing “pluses” are an excellent solution.

The pros and cons, i.e. general pieces of advice

Remember, the colour of eyeshadows should not contrast too much with the colours of frames, which your glasses have. Moreover, it is worthwhile harmonizing the colour of the eyeshadow with the iris. Hazel eyes suit bronzes and olives, greens suit light blue eyes, while green eyes – turquoises and roses. Don’t forget also to focus not only on the eye make-up. Carefully pluck your eyebrows, and stroke the mouth with lipgloss or with delicate lipstick, depending on it, how firmly you madeup.

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