3 pieces of advice how to obtain the hipster style

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Hipster subculture is distinguished by an original way of dressing, individual outlook and behavior. They despise mainstream. Although they try to get dressed uniquely and seemingly scruffy and against the latest world fashion trends, their style is very attractive and readily emulated. If you want to learn how to get the hipster style, here are some tips.

Semblance of carelessness

If you want to look like a genuine hipster, you need to make an impression as if your stylization was scruffy and random, when in fact, it’s polished up to the last detail. Tousled hair in the “artistic mess”, in fact, needs to spend a few moments in front of the mirror, and not just to get up of the bed and spray the erect hair with hair spray. Also the clothes look just as if they were took out random from the closet, second hand or trash, and they are perfectly refined stylization. After all, the Hipster style is not so easy to follow. In the end, it’s all about to be unfashionable – there’s no inspiration in the form of fashion magazines, the Internet, or television.

In search of original clothes

In any chain of stores you won’t find clothes in hipster style. The easiest way is to look to your own closet. If you haven’t made the radical orders in it, you will find there a million ways on how to get the hipster style. Fashion passes very quickly, so you certainly have the great number of clothes, which have been unfashionable for long time, but you didn’t threw them out because of sentiment. Now you can breathe the second life in them, of course on condition that they still fit you and are made of decent fabric – in fact, the hipster style only seemingly looks cheap, but they won’t put on just anything. A real mines of unfashionable, so hipster clothes are also all kinds of second hand. You don’t have to fumble for hours in the baskets of clothes in search of trendy blouses. Pay attention also to the colours of your clothes. They should be, of course, unfashionable. Mint green, powder pink or other fashionable pastels fall!


A very important element of hipster style are diverse accessories. Glasses “0”, preferably from Ray-Ban brand with the frames in the mad, vibrant colours, plain trainers or original Converse sneakers, all the weird berets and hats, original jewellery. The piercing, tattoos and tunnels in the ears are also welcome.

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