3 pieces of advice how to get dressed on the gym

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Being fit and exercising on the gym has already registered in the canons of fashion. And while we’re on fashion, it’s worth to think about appropriate outfit for a gym. Of course, first of all, it should be practical and comfortable, but every one of us wants to look beautiful in every situation. So get to know how to get dressed for the gym in order to look fashionable and feminine.


Choose a two-piece, one-colour costume made of synthetic, preferably thermo fabric. Perhaps you will spend a bit more money on them, but believe that it will be much more practical than ordinary cotton tracksuits. The cotton does not “breathe”, so after an hour of workout in this costume you will be covered in sweat. Don’t worry that sports outfit doesn’t look enough feminine – choose the costume fitted to your body, which will highlight all of your strengths. It shouldn’t be too tight, you have to feel not only feminine, but above all comfortable. The costume should be sewn from dark fabric, without unnecessary applications and printings, which will disappear very quickly because of frequent washing. Replace the t-shirt with the boxer top cut on the back, which is much more practical and comfortable, and besides, very fashionable.


The costume is not everything. Equally important or maybe even more important are shoes in which you train. Choosing the shoes on the gym, pay special attention to the material from which they are made. It should be as light and airy as possible, the thick cotton will be suitable. The soles of shoes should be very thick and padded, and the cut should be fitted with the foot. In the shoe stores, different models of shoes are available. They are designed for practicing certain sports. The most versatile is footwear in “running” and “training” style and they will be the most appropriate for training on the gym.


You already know how to get dressed for the gym, but you can’t forget about an important addition to the sports outfit- a bag in which you will contain all the necessary things such as costume, a bottle of water, cosmetics and small sports accessories. The sports bag designers have the fashion trends and women’s tastes in mind, many of them look so good that you’ll willingly wear them not only for training but also for every day. The perfect bag for the gym should be big, roomy, soft, equipped with numerous functional pockets.

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