3 pieces of advice how to get dressed for a picnic

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Summer’s here. Sunny weather and hot temperatures encourage us to spend time outdoors and make picnics. These occasions require form us to get dressed comfortably. As it’s known, each of us wants to look fashionable in any situation. How to get dressed for a picnic in order to look fashionable and feel more comfortable? Here are our suggestions.


One of the most comfortable trousers for a picnic are, of course, jeans. If it is hot, you can get dressed with fashionably cut trousers legs. The shaded jeans in ombre style also look great. Instead of buying them in store, choose an old, no longer worn pair of jeans, pour the bleach into the sprinkler and treat with it the chosen part of trousers. If you don’t like jeans, you’ll also feel super comfortable in fashionable, cotton harems or shorts.

And what to put on the top?

The best choice for a picnic will be simple T-shirt, top or a boxer top – you will feel the most comfortable in them. If you want to look more elegant (for example, company picnic), bet on the breathable shirt with short sleeves, and break its official character with the pattern – for example, checked, or flowers, or interesting accessories. Don’t forget about the unbutton cardigans, which you can throw on your shoulders, when it gets colder.


How to get dressed for a picnic in order to look feminine? Of course with the dress! We offer country-style stylization – flared dress with thin straps made from breathable fabrics – cotton, linen or thin denim. It should be uniform, or in patterns, which will be relevant to western style – checked or meadow. The denim jacket and accessories – ballet pumps and cowboy neckerchief to it. The wholeness should be maintained in the white, the winter blue, garnet red or caramel tone.

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