3 pieces of advice how to draw the inspiration from world trends

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Do you want to look like a star from the red carpet? That’s easy! You don’t need a lot of money and staff of experts, guarding of your image. Just a little bit of imagination will be sufficient. How can you draw the inspiration from the global trends? Here are some tips.

Magazines, Internet, TV

First, make a little “press”. Look over the fashion magazines and colourful journals to find out what are the biggest world trends. Search also in the internet and watch a fashion show on TV in order to have an overview of what the fashion squeaks. Thanks to it you will know what you should look for and what to follow.

Fashion Accessories

Remember that in fact, accessories create whole stylization. So instead of spending a lot of money on a new, fashionable shirt, invest in more interesting accessories. In general, accessories have a longer “life” in the fashion world. If you do not have money for trendy jewellery, which you sew in coloured magazine, make it on your own! What you need buy for the buck, and you can be sure that no one will have the same bracelet, or earrings like you!

Second Hand

How to draw inspiration from world trends? Visit the second – hands, following the biggest stars from the headlines! Don’t buy clothes in chain stores – you’ll look quite the same as thousands of other people on the street, but the fashion isn’t all about it. If you know what is currently on top, in the second-hand you’ll easy find an interesting garment or accessories, which all your friends will envy you. Rummaging in second hands is, admittedly, a task for the most patient and persistent, but it’s really worth to try. In this way, you can enrich for a song your wardrobe in true treasures, often from well-known designers.

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