3 pieces of advice how to choose sunglasses

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Summer is coming, so it’s worth to think about buying sunglasses. By which should you be guided in choosing the glasses? Here are some pieces of advice, thanks to which you get to know how to choose sunglasses.

Where to buy glasses

It is the best to buy sunglasses in the place, where you can buy correction glasses – at the optician. Don’t buy glasses in stands on the street. Although the seller often ensure us that they have got protective filter, they haven’t got, and the lack of such filters means no protection against solar radiation. If you are going to buy these glasses you’d better resign from them in general. For the glasses with filter, at the optician, you can pay more, but you’ll have a hundred percent sure that your eyes will get the protection, on which they deserve.

How to fit glasses for your face shape

If you have a round face, choose sunglasses with a slightly angular, preferably dark frames. For ladies with a rectangular face, the best are the glasses so-called “flies” – large, covering almost half of the face – Thanks to them your face will look shorter. The small glasses compose well with triangular face. If your face is square, choose the slightly rounded frames.

Which colour of lenses to choose

You already know how to choose sunglasses for your face shape. And which colour should have the glasses? On sunny days, it is the best to wear dark lenses- gray, graphite and brown. If cloudiness is large, or at the artificial lighting, the bright lenses such as yellow, orange, green, pink, are the most suitable. If you are a driver, don’t wear glasses with red, green or blue lenses.

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