3 pieces of advice how to choose a good corset

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Corset like nothing else adds sex appeal, thanks to it, you can get desired wasp waist. However, you have to know how to choose a good corset that will served its purpose. Here are some tips.


Every good corset should have a skeleton from flexible steel underwires. Thanks to them, it is possible to maintain everything on the place, hide all folds, slim waist and increasing the breast. Corset has from a few to several underwires – spiral on the sides, flat ones in the front and on the back. However, in the waist should be a special tape that is designed to strengthen the work of underwires.


A good corset should be made of a strong fabric that will not spread in the stretching and lacing. So check out in the dressing room, stretching it tightly in the hands, whether the material is sufficiently strong. Corset should also have a lining made of natural fabric, which prevents sweating.

Method of fastener

You already know how to choose good corset on the basis of underwires and the material from which it was made. Necessarily pay attention to the clasp. The best is this one, resembling the usual hooks, but a lot more strong – so-called Busk. Normal hooks can’t withstand the force working on them and they can bend up.

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