3 effective solutions for toning the skin

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Skin toning is the next step after make-up removal. It is very important for our skin, because it does not only moisturizes, soothes, or mats, but also prepares it to accept the cosmetics. Therefore, it would be worth to learn how to properly tone the skin.

The right choice

In order to select the right tonic for you, you should get to know your skin. Otherwise, we can expose it to irritation. Dry skin especially needs moisturizing , so try to reach for a beauty product that contains wheat germ and evening primrose oil, which have a strong moisturizing effect. Also allantoin and provitamin B5 protect against excessive skin drying.

When it comes to care for combination and oily skin, here we need to focus on the reduction of sebum secretion. A good choice will be here tonics, containing an extract of willow, algae, rosemary and sage. These compounds effectively inhibit the functioning of sebaceous glands, gently cleanse and close pores. For these types of skin ideal are two-phase tonics. The first phase closes and cleans pores, while the other absorbs excess sebum and mattes.

The normal skin is the least demanding, but also requires attentive care. In this case, tonics, containing cucumber and aloe vera will be effective. Cucumber gently moisturizes, shrinks and brightens the skin, while Aloe Vera regenerates refreshes it.


Properly toning the skin should proceed in the morning and evening. Even during the day, it is worth to wipe the face with tonic in order to get rid of the impurities. A necessary condition is getting rid of make-up, before using tonic water. After make-up removed we soak the cotton pad with tonic and gently rub the face with it. It is important to do it gently because strong rubbing will not produce any results, apart from irritation of the face.

The recipe for a tonic

Good and effective tonic can be done also at home. To do this we will need only three ingredients: lime blossom, honey and boiling water. Linden tea with honey will help to clean the skin, remove chaps and scaly skin. Improvement can be noticed after a few days. We pour a handful of lime flowers with half cup of boiling water. We leave the infusion under the cover for 15 minutes, and after this time we add a little bit of honey. The tonic is ready for use after cooling. With brew soaked cotton pad we wipe the face and neck, allowing the skin to absorb the liquid. Such a tonic, however, is only suitable for use twice a day, on the next day you need to prepare a new one.

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