3 easy solutions for the protruding ears

Posted: August 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

People with protruding ears are generally not happy because of this and for all costs they try to hide them. Meanwhile, protruding ears should not be a source of complexes. A lot of models or movie stars have protruding ears and they consider them as its kind of trademark. However, people who still have complexes because of protruding ears, they should know simple solutions for hiding them.


The easiest way to hide protruding ears is the choice of a suitable haircut. The best is to wear long or medium-lengh hair, keeping in mind that the hair should be fluffy and not adjoin to the head. Therefore, a good idea is to shaded the hair off. For obvious reasons, it is necessary to forget about short haircuts, or for example about ponies.


Wearing interesting headgear is good and easy solution for protruding ears. However, while wearing a woolen hat on the ears during low temperatures is not unusual, in summer it can be a little bit problematic. Then, you should use, for example, fashionable straw hats with wide brim or bands covering the ears.


This word can evoke quite unpleasant feelings, but if we want permanent effects, the best is to visit the plastic surgeon’s office. The treatment of the protruding ears correction is short, simple, and most importantly, it allows for always say goodbye to the protruding ears problem.

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