3 easy solutions for the makeup for small-eyed-girl

Posted: August 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Not every one of us has been endowed by the nature with beautiful, big eyes. However, there is no worry, because there are simple ways to makeup small eyes, which effectively emphasize the eyes and give sensual look.

With a white crayon

With white, soft crayone to the eyes we draw a thin line near the eyelashes, at the interior part of the lower eyelid. This line is the perfect way to hide fatigue and it enlarges the eyes. Inner corners of the eyes we emphasize with the white eyeshadow, depending on the occasion with the matte or iridescent one.

Pink – gray

We apply white crayon or matte white eyeshadow under the eyebrows and the inner corner of eye. We rub and cover the movable part of the eyelids with the light pink eyeshadow. Then we emphasize with a gray, pearl eyeshadow the outer corners of the eye and rub it in the direction of deflection of the eyelid. With the same eyeshadow we emphasize the lower eyelashes line. With black crayone or eyeliner we draw a round line, starting from the center of the upper eyelid and gradually thickening it. An important element of this makeup is to curl eyelashes with curler and use mascara. For better results we emphasize interior part of the lower eyelid with the white crayone.

Smokey eyes

So-called “smokey eyes” it is eye make- up, giving the impression of a “smoky eyes”. It is also easy solution for make-up for small eyes. But keep in mind that this makeup is quite courageous and is more suitable for a party than to the office. We start this make-up from contouring the eye near the lash line with black crayon. Then on the entire surface of the movable lids we apply a black eyeshadow. The area at the bent of the eyelids we cover with the gray eyeshadow and rub it thoroughly in order to get the smoky eyes effect. The last step is very accurate covering the lashes with mascara. A look will be even more emphasized, if we take care of proper eyebrow makeup.

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