3 easy solutions for the makeup for blue eyes

Posted: August 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Azure blue, or navy blue, any shade of blue eyes is beautiful and worth of highlight with a suitable makeup. However, not every woman knows the secrets of the appropriate makeup. Just learn these simple solutions for blue eyes makeup in order to charm with the gaze.

Use appropriate eye shadows

The colors, which highlight the romantic charm of blue eyes are primarily those, which contrast – the browns, blacks, beiges, purples and grays. You can also decide on the colors that will nicely harmonize with the color of our iris. They are shades of green, yellow, pink, coral and copper.

Magnetizes with your gaze

The most appropriate eyeliner, highlighting blue eyes and giving them the magnetism, is that in black or graphite color. On the night out you can go crazy with color, applying purple, or pink. The general rule is not to choose a eyeshadow in the color similar the iris shade. But in the case of blue eye, the eyeshadows look good in intensive, azure color.

Rock out with colors

To the blue eyes almost every color fits well. Therefore, it is sometimes worth to use a courageous combination, for example, decide for making so-called the “peacock’sd eye”. It is very impressive and attracts attention. It combines blue shades, navy blue, violet, yellow, turquoise, green. This kind of makeup requires some skill in appropriate color shading, but the effects are stunning and with a little effort, they can superior other ways to blue eyes make-up.

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