3 easy solutions for the make up for an oval face

Posted: July 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Oval face owners can consider themselves as real lucky women, because this face shape is widely regarded as ideal. However, it does not mean that you have to completely resign from the makeup. Appropriate make-up for oval face will help you enhance its beauty.

Highlight the cheekbones

The oval face is very symmetrical and well-proportioned and its the widest zone are distinct cheekbones. They are undeniable advantage of this face type, so they must be competently stressed. The best way is to use rouge. It is necessary to choose that one, which is suitable for your skin color. If the complexion is pale, the best choice is the cool tones of pink. With the darker, tanned complexion, peach powder looks good. You can also stroke the cheeks with bronzers to emphasize skin shade.

Mouth make-up

Sometimes it happens that even though Mother Nature gave us ideal features and the ways of make up for the oval face is completely unnecessary for us, there always will be a part of the face, which should be gently corrected. If you have narrow lips, you should say goodbye to the dark, matte lipsticks, and use light, bright, illuminating lip gloss. Too protruding lips we can reduce by using dark lipstick.


With such a perfect face shape, additional treatments for eyebrows regulations are unnecessary. The best solution is to always leave their natural shape, only remembering that the eyebrows should be thiner at the ends.

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