3 easy solutions for dressing a pepper (shape H)

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Pepper-shaped silhouette is above all broad shoulders, no waist, flat belly, flat bottom, hips about the same width as shoulders. It’s not the most feminine figure type, but you can very easily make up with costumes. Just learn simple solutions for dressing peppers in order to feel feminine.

Clothes for the lower body

For pepper lady the most suitable will be highly broaden pleated skirts, dresses cut on under the breast with knee-length, or just behind them. Excellent are bubble skirts, which will extend slightly hips, diverting attention from the broad shoulders. When it comes to the skirts the best will cigarillos just before the ankle and hipsters pants, tube. The best is to wear light trousers or skirts, because light colors visually enlarge. In this case, they will help bring out the hips. The pants and skirts with a higher status will present badly.

Clothes for the upper body

Here, the best will be shirts and jackets cut under the breast, jabots, ruffles, ripples. They will add inches in the breast. To hide the very broad shoulders you should wear a blouse with teardrop-cut, tight sleeves up to the elbow. If it comes to lack of waist, the easy solutions for dressing peppers, which can deal with this problem are enveloped tied blouses, corsets, clothes with well-fitted cut in the waist and blouses with V-shaped neckline.


The proper accessories can also cover up some weaknesses, or highlight the strengths. In the case of pepper lady good will be thick straps around the hips, which help to mark the waist. For this purpose, the suitable, tight- fitting underwear works well. Large brooches at the neckline, visually enlarge the breast and turn attention away from the shoulders.

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