13-minute diet

Posted: November 29th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This diet, also known as Vitalina consists in the fact, that every 13 minutes we can eat small meals – snacks.

It was invented by an American Nora Elizabeth Lane and his appearance caused a lot of controversy, has been developed according to the principle of eating a very small portion, but it is only in 13 minute intervals and that throughout the day. However, it is not synonymous with impunity snacking because all meals included in our daily menu must be properly planned. Obviously such a diet can all be used, but certainly not everyone will be able to adjust your lifestyle to the rigors of food at such a short time.

For the entire 13-minute diet consists of three menus in the form of a very low-calorie main dishes and smaller portions that are served between main courses at appropriate intervals determined. Allowed to eating small pieces of meat and vegetables and little fat diet while they are generally pretty much carbs, but a lot of proteins. During the first week, it is prohibited to consume alcohol while in the second we allow ourselves to one glass of wine and a little more fruit.

Completely excluded is the consumption of sugars, so for the duration of our diet we must completely forget about candies such as candy bars, chocolates, donuts and sockets, as well as desserts. In this way one can lose up to 2.5 pounds in two weeks.

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